Security of your rights is our job.

Fast, neatly done by experienced staff managed by one of the best IP agent? No, we're just kidding. We're far better than that. We do not rely on our experience when a difficult case is thrown at us. We go straight face-to-face with an examiner.

Probably one of the best IP Agent out there.

Different cases, tricky solutions. In our decades-long experience, we've not seen it all. We continue to face sometimes out-of-this-world difficulties. Us, a panacea for difficult IP cases? No. We do our best, yes, appeal after appeal until we get results.


The profitability and strategic value of a patent depends on the nature of the invention, characteristics and validity period.

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Trademarks are assets. Their validity expires. It changes hands. We see to it that trademarks perform according to their owners wishes.

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An author or creator could request an equitable remedy in the form of a court order to prohibit, or cease, the unauthorized use of the material.

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We always know IP owners labored to make his product, creation or invention popular and someone exploits it. We call this simply unfair.

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System generated deletion from the registry comes without warning. We, upon request, prevent this from happening.

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Great future for your ideas.

Maybe we're accomplished, capable, competent, mature, professional, qualified, seasoned, skillful. We don't think that's accurate. Maybe a little of each of those. The most that fits our description is that we want ourselves to be tried. That we be tested. That is what we want to achieve.