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Let us sue for you

Contact us, send us by email all the necessary information.  We shall study the matter immediately.  Expect a quick turnaround.

Since most of the cases are filed at the Bureau of Legal Affairs, you might want to provide us with the following:

  • General information about the would-be plaintiff/appellee such as name, address, nationality, etc.
  • General information about the would-be defendant/appellant such as name, address, nationality, etc.
  • Background and nature of the infringement.
  • Full documentation, such as patent, trademark or copyright registration.
  • Other relevant documents and information for use in the case.

Note: We welcome non-intellectual property cases


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Trademarks are assets. Their validity expires. It changes hands. We see to it that trademarks perform according to their owners wishes.
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An author or creator could request an equitable remedy in the form of a court order to prohibit, or cease, the unauthorized use of the material.
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System generated deletion from the registry comes without warning. We, upon request, prevent this from happening.
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We always know IP owners labored to make his product, creation or invention popular and someone exploits it. We call this simply unfair.
Great future for your ideas.
Maybe we're accomplished, capable, competent, mature, professional, qualified, seasoned, skillful.
We don't think that's accurate.
Maybe a little of each of those. The most that fits our description is that we want ourselves to be tried.
That we be tested. That is what we want to achieve.